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  • Geometric Group Theory,
  • Geometry of Euclidean buildings and CAT(0) spaces,
  • Cohomology of groups with a growth condition (e.g. bounded cohomology or polynomially bounded cohomology),
  • Non-uniform tree lattices and their commensurator.
  • Nilpotent Lie groups and Lie algebras
  1. Norm grow for the Busemann cocycle,
    to appear in Bull. Belg. Math. Soc. Simon Stevin, (preprint: 
    [pdf], [arXiv]).
  2. Minimal closed normal subgroups in compactly generated locally compact groups,
    (with Denis Gulko), in New Directions in Locally Compact Groups edited by P.-E. Caprace and N. Monod, Lecture Notes Series, Lond. Math. Soc., 2019, Cambridge University Press, [link],
     (preprint: [pdf]).
  3. Cocycle growth for the Steinberg representation, 
    PhD Disseration, EPFL, 
    2016, [pdf], [published version].